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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Doc told me to....

Ok, after having him tell me for, well too long, the other night Doc told me in front of about eighty folks that I should start blogging.
"It's easy. Just like an email with 'cc:the world' on it"
And the really compelling reason he gave that night was- "stir up trouble"
Not that what Doc thinks needs stirring up would be trouble for most folks. No rather trouble for those that can't really respond- corporations, and those other entities, groups and individuals that think like them. Like snowballs he said. You start with a bit of snow rolling down a hill and if there is a kernel of resonance out there, it gets big and crashes into something with a positive result, and hopefully a bit of laughter along the way.
So I got to ask- what trouble needs to be made in your neck of the world right now?


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