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Friday, January 13, 2006

Debating DRM- What's the point?

Over here, Shelly P is hosting a Debate on DRM, which David Smith had complained never took place.
Well, why should it? Don't get me wrong. I appreciate the dialogue taking place, and certainly there is a lot of intelligence and insight on display. But at the end of the day, none of the speculation is going to matter. The game is outside any lines that might contain it, and it is on.
The players will all act in their own interests. You and me included. Nobody will willingly give up control if they can avoid it, including individuals. Somewhere along the line players with resources will try to use the courts to advance their own interests.
People on all sides will claim superior ideals or values. Maybe even that "God" is on their side. Won't matter. This is one that gets fought long and hard, and lots of winners and losers along the way, and someday there will be a stable market for content licensed for use by anybody and everybody that provides compensation back through the value chain.
Can't say when. Can't say I'll like it, or that it will ever seem trouble free.
So the debate is something happening on the sidelines. To play, create content and decide how you extract value. Or create part of the pipeline, and decide who to be in business with.
If you have electricity in anyway, you probably can't stay out of it. Buy a computer, a tv, or any current handheld player, and you are then part of the game. Somebody give me a guide!


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