Vision Matters

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Whose pimping who?

Doc Searles who has written on "Intention" as oppossed to "Attention" as a function of the economy, was recorded on the same here, for all you too busy to sit and read.

What the current media world lives on is advertising- either selling your eyeballs or trying to reach your eyebalss and get your attention.
Meanwhile in your head, you already have an inkling about what you want, or as Doc says an 'intention".

The key element underlying all the opportunity for media right now, this second, is that people like to buy, but don't like to be sold (thanks J Gitomer).

The net gives us tremendous leverage to say what we want, and to ask people what they want far more efficiently than advertising ever will.

To use this leverage means that first you want to have relationships with customers. Second you are able to service those customers successfully. Then you can be in the business of retaining those you have, and looking for more. The net makes both of these far more efficient.

Certain aspects of the advertising model still apply. You have to be able to fulfill the promise that any communication creates, whether you used saturation bombing, or laser guided bullets.
You have to have targets, and know who you are serving.

You have to be able to hear people when they say "I want".