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Thursday, January 19, 2006

DRM and Public Safety

Thanks to my correspondent and email friend James for pointing me to "Some Safety and Reliability Questions About DRM" by Victor Yodaiken"
The link is overloaded each time I have looked recently, but here are some highligths-
"We are entering the era of ubiquitous and safety critical computing, but the developers of DRM technologies seem to believe that computers are nothing more than personal entertainment systems for consumers." "DRM is a potentially dangerous and intrusive licensing technology that is being pushed into production before safety and reliability issues have been addressed."
Yodaiken is the creator of RTLinux and President and CEO of FSMLabs, a software development company. He is asking serious questions in which DRM are life and death practicalities, as opposed to ideology or greed.
One of my favorites- "Is it going to be easy for a technician upgrading software on a computer controlling an intensive care unit vent or an airplane communication system to inadvertently install DRM-sensitive software instead of the DRM-free software?"


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